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What you need to do/get prior to your retirement move.

Perpetual Expat

What you need to do after you arrive and what it is like living in another country.

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Beach life in Abruzzo

I have copied and pasted a translated version of this article from the local newspaper Il Centro. The Adriatic coast beaches are one of the best reasons to choose Abruzzo as a place to live. They are kept quite clean, and the waters of the Adriatic like a warm salty bath. Much of it is private beaches where you rent the chairs and umbrellas, but by law, there are always public areas interspaced. Many of …Read More

Buying A Car

Our long term lease on our little Peugeot was coming to an end, so we needed to get moving on a replacement. It was the beginning of May and we had not received our Permesso di Soggiorno yet, a key necessity in buying  car. Fortunately, our document came through (after a call to the Questura where we discovered it likely had been there for a while, but they just never sent us the text to …Read More

Carta d'identita

After you get your Permesso, you will want to register your residency at your local Comune office. (called Anagrafe) This sets your formal place of residence and you will get an identity card. You will need this for things like buying a car and registering for the national health service. The procedure is fairly easy. We dropped in our local office and as we are a pretty small comune, they are only open for official stuff …Read More

Permesso di Siggiorno Pt4

We finally have our Permesso! And on top of that it is a two year Permesso instead of a one year. We never did receive the text message we were supposed to receive indicating they were ready. We kept checking the immigration site (indicated in Pt3). I finally called the Questura in Vasto and someone said they were ready? So down we went to collect them. It is a small Questura, only two people work …Read More

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