May 11, 2016

Researching housing costs

Making a budget, and finding a place to live. Much will depend on where you plan to settle. As everywhere, its always location, location,location. If you want to be in a major city, and live in the heart of the city, it will cost you accordingly. Areas such a Tuscany are more popular than others and are priced accordingly. If you plan to buy a home, apartment, ect, you can find lots of for sale listings in your target area with a quick search. Much harder to find rental listings as searches tend to pull up the holiday rentals. One that I have found that will give you a excellent idea of what you can get for your budget is.

You will also want to get an idea of what everyday costs will run you. I have used this site to get an idea of what costs are in various cities. I have verified from people on various forums that the costs it gives are representative.…

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