November 3, 2016

Your Stuff

If you are moving to Italy to live, you will need some of your ‘stuff’. You should however think carefully just what you need to send and what you don’t.

If you have a significant amount of household goods, you will clearly want to work with shipping company that specializes in overseas moves. They pop right up on a Google search. The penalties for messing up the delicate paperwork dance can be steep, so pay people who know how to do it. Here is a primer on the regulations for shipping.

Also consider just what you really need to send. None of your appliances will work, and furniture is big and heavy. Unless it is a family heirloom, consider just buying what you need when you are there.

In our case, we have whittle it all down to two large checked bags each, and one carry on bag. In addition, we are sending one Uhaul Large Box, with 50lbs of misc stuff. If you use one of the luggage forwarders, you can send your stuff fairly cheaply and with little hassle. The 50Lb box is going to cost $169. We could add a small Uhaul box for another $70 with up to 33 lbs. I had contacted shipping companies for quotes for two boxes under 100lbs and about $360 was the cheapest. Plus if you go the cargo route, it is more likely to be examined by customs. If you send a couple boxes, clearly marked “Personal Effects”, and value them at under $100, they will most likely just fly through. Nobody cares about some sheets and towels and a few knicknacks.

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