Getting Started

Down to the wire

Just a couple weeks left. Still in a semi holding pattern as the last things to do will be sort of final week things Made myself a list of what all needs to be done. I thought it might be longer. Address forwarding – (Keeping a US address is a […]

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Elective Residence Visa Achieved

This was our last significant hurdle. I had done tons and tons of research on expat forums, and stories there vary wildly. Typically you see only people posting about their dismay at failing to get the visa, and only occasionally a post about success. And those typically never give very […]

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Online Document Requirement Checker

Information for foreigners intended to go to Italy. This is a quick, select your circumstances from the dropdowns in the form that will give you a quick list of documents, and locations of consulates in the US. Visto per l’Italia

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Start at the beginning

  As with any plan. Its important to figure out where to get accurate information. We will start right here with an excellent reference. For those seeking to move to Italy as a retirement plan, as we do, the area of focus is on getting an Elective Residence Visa. To […]

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