House Buying

Steps involved in buying a house

House buying is a fairly organized process so long as you are going through an agent. Like in the US, the agent will handle most of the paperwork. I might recommend that you use one that is familiar with foreigners buying property in Italy as there are some details particular […]

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Setting up a Power of Attorney.

Ok, so far, the steps have been. Pick out a House Have the preliminary contract completed and filed and the down payment made. The next step will be to complete the house purchase. And because we don’t want to have to fly back to Italy just to sign documents, we […]

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Researching housing costs

Making a budget, and finding a place to live. Much will depend on where you plan to settle. As everywhere, its always location, location,location. If you want to be in a major city, and live in the heart of the city, it will cost you accordingly. Areas such a Tuscany […]

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