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February is Carnivale month in Italy. The elaborate festival in Venice is perhaps the one best known, but the fun trickles down to nearly every village in Italy. We went to the village of Tornareccio, about half and hours drive from our village. The main celebration is a parade with […]

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Getting a car

You cannot register a car in Italy until you have acquired your residency cards. So, until such time, unless you are living where you have easy access to transit, you might need to consider leasing one. One of the best ways is the long term leasing programs that are offered […]

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US/Italy Tax Treaty

Taxes, everyone’s favorite subject. If you are an American living in Italy, you will have to file tax returns in both the US and Italy. The good news is that there is a Tax Treaty in place between the two countries so you won’t have to play double taxes. If […]

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Learning the language

So, language….. Do we speak Italian? Not yet. Well, at least not well. I’ve been working on it for about a year and Heidi has begun recently. One cannot move to Italy without at least a minimum understanding of the language. There is no specific requirement that you have this […]

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