A change in house plans


At first we were sure that the house in Vestea was the one we wanted. But after some careful thought, we decided to go with a different property. This one in Casalanguida. The house is about the same size but we could buy it for 30,000EU less. With this in mind, we decided we could use that savings to advance our retirement by six months. The main thing the one in Vestea had was a little bit of land. In Casalanguida, it is a village house, on a narrow and quiet lane with an astounding view from the terrace. All in all, we decided we did not really value having a bit of land for a garden all that much. We would rather retire a little earlier. We plan to travel anyway, so any garden we planted would just keep dying! This house also comes with all the furniture. Making it ready to move in and start enjoying life. We will make some changes eventually. The area where the dining table is has lots of space we won’t use, so I think we will eventually redo the kitchen. And we will probably at the very least have the cantina cleaned up and the floor leveled so we can use it as proper storage.


Location of our house

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