Steps involved in buying a house

Finding and Buying a Property in Italy

Where should I live?

A guide deciding how to make a logical plan on picking where to live

House Buying Process

A complete guide to the buying process and what you can expect to pay in fees and taxes

Using a Power of Attorney

If you cannot be present at the closing, you can use a special power of attorney to designate a representative.

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Property lIsting Types

In general, you either go through an agent, buy without an agent from a private party, or hire a representative to act for you to go through various listings.

Pros and Cons of each. 

  • Using an agent generally makes a smooth transaction. They will usually have an experienced Notiao. Know the area and the people and will often even help you set up things like utilities after sale. One drawback is that an agent usually only shows properties they are listing. It’s not like you have an Agent that shows you anything you want. 
  • On your trips you likely saw “Vendesi” signs on lots and lots of homes. These are usually people selling without an agent. The pros of going this way is you don’t pay a fee to an agent. On the other hand, going through these kinds of properties are like going through the jumble pile at the market. You will dig and dig hoping to find a gem. Sometimes you get the foreigners price, substantially higher than what they ask from Italian buyers. You are responsible for engaging the Notiao. It is very important in these transactions to have a Geometra check everything, even down to making sure every inch of land is accounted for. 
  • Lastly, some people hire a broker. Someone who will be their agent and visit properties and negotiate on your behalf. This can have an advantage if it is someone who knows the area, but, the drawback of course is that it is an added layer of cost. 

A good place to start your search is with the consolidation sites. Two big ones are Idealista And Gate-Away These sites have listing from many many agents and show the agency so you can contact them directly if you wish to know more.