Just a couple weeks left. Still in a semi holding pattern as the last things to do will be sort of final week things

Made myself a list of what all needs to be done. I thought it might be longer.

Address forwarding – (Keeping a US address is a good idea. Especially as Credit Cards might get spooked and cancel) We have a relative who will be our representative. But you can find mail forwarding services that for about $15 a month will scan the envelopes and let you instruct them what to do with the mail.

Utilities, Insurance and things like that. Cancelling and returning those cable boxes.

Notify the credit card that you plan to use in overseas that you will be on a year long sabbatical.

Phones. Keeping your phone? Make sure you get it unlocked. We are keeping the US number for maybe a week. Going to go get new sim cards and Italian phone numbers. Make sure you have a cancel date set up with your US provider.

Get a Confirmation of Coverage letter out of your current insurance company. We have temporary insurance until we get on the Italian system, and our policy will cover pre-existing conditions so long as we have proof of prior coverage.

As for a record of claims from your Auto insurance. Probably won’t make any difference when you get Italian insurance, but you never know. (See buying a car)

Get all the documents for your Permesso di Siggorno put together ahead of time. Save yourself time and money getting copies. (Make sure your copies are on A1 paper size)