Permesso di Siggorno – Starting The Process



In our pre-move research we kept seeing posts about the dreaded battle with the post office over the Permesso di Siggorno. For us, it has so far been much ado about nothing. We went to the post office in Atessa, which is the closest one with a Sportello Amico window. They handed us two (Be sure you get two if you are couple as each of you will need their own application) of the envelopes with the yellow stripe and that was that. Step one, about 15 min.

We took them home, and used the excellent Rick Zullo guide in filling our our papers. Now, it might also just have been that I too have been a lifelong bureaucrat, and, recognizing their own, they afforded me professional courtesy, but that is doubtful. Perhaps having simple, organized packets for both of us was a plus. One thing I have learned from my career as an Accountant, if you give a clerk an organized paper trail, they will happily follow it.  One helpful thing! A4 size paper. If all your supporting documents are in standard US 8.5 x 11 size, pick up a ream of A4 paper at a local store, an print off a full set in A4 before you come over.

Basically the supporting documents for Permesso are the same as your ER Visa. Income documentation, housing, health insurance, copies of all the pages in your passports.

After filling out the forms, (Black Ink only people!!) We went back to Atessa a couple days later to turn them in. We arrived at the Post Office about 9AM, and were the only ones there. They motioned us right up to the window. We handed over our docs, and they did a bunch of typing, and we did a bunch of signing, paid our fees (Cash Only! – See button above for current cost breakdown), and just a little over half and hour later, we had receipts and were on our way. I believe the next step is we wait until our appointment at the Questura, which for us is in Chieti where they take fingerprints, and I’m sure we will celebrate with more signing of forms. 

A couple of notes where things differed from the Zillo guide. We brought our passport photos, but they did not take them at the post office. The Zillo guiide also mentions a Yellow receipt. We got plain paper receipts. On the receipt was the date and time and location of our appointments. Our dates are about two weeks later than the submission date.

post office

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Cost for Permesso 40 Euro. // Cost for Printing Permesso 30.46 Euro // Postage Costs 30.00 Euro // Revenue Stamp (Bollo) 16.00 // for a total of 116.46 Euro

Cost for Permesso  50 Euro. // Cost for Printing Permesso 30.46 Euro // Postage Costs 30.00 Euro // Revenue Stamp (Bollo) 16.00 // for a total of 126.46 Euro

With the Decree of 5 May 2017 of the Ministry of Economy and Finance in consultation with the Ministry of the Interior, which entered into force on 9 June 2017, the contributions for the issue or renewal of the residence permit were redetermined.

The new amounts of contributions payable by foreigners of age are equal to:

– € 40.00 for residence permits lasting longer than three months and up to one year;

– € 50.00 for residence permits of longer than one year and up to two years;

– € 100.00 for long-term EU residence permits and for residence permits for managers and specialized workers.

The receipt of payment for the new contribution must be shown at the time of the call to the Questura for the acquisition of the fingerprints.

The contribution is due both for new requests for the issue or renewal of the residence permit, and for requests submitted before the date of June 9, 2017 that are still in the preliminary phase or the delivery of the permit to the foreigner has not yet taken place.

Excluded from contributions residence permits for:

minors under the age of 18, foreign citizens who are in Italy for medical treatment and their companions, applicants for a duplicate or conversion of a valid residence permit, applicants for asylum, subsidiary protection and humanitarian reasons, holders of international protection requiring long-term EU residence permits, residence cards for family members of EU citizens issued pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 30 of 2007.

In all cases, however, the following costs remain to apply for the issue or renewal of the residence permit, including EU residence permits for long-term residents

€ 30.00 for the insured to Poste Italiane;
€ 16.00 for the revenue stamp;
30.46 euro for the residence permit – PSE 380, as a contribution for the printing of the electronic document, to be paid to the postal current account n. 67422402 payable to the Ministry of Economy and Finance – Department of the Treasury with the reason “amount for the issue of the electronic residence permit”;
If the release or renewal of the residence permit is requested, using a single Poste Italiane kit for the same family, the payment receipt of € 30.46 must be attached for each member of the family.