Permesso di Soggiorno Pt1

One of the first things you will be needing to do after you arrive is prepare and submit all the documents to get your Permesso di. Siggorno. I’m sure you heard about it a great deal, and saw lots of stories about how much people dread it. Honestly, it is not all that terrible. A bit daunting as its new territory, but mostly just a matter of having the right supporting documents and the forms filled out right. 

First: You get the package from the Post Office. Usually only larger post offices have them. Simply ask for the Permesso di Siggorno package. It will be a yellow and white envelope. Get one for each member of the family 

Second: Gather your documents. Most of it is the same as your Visa application. Proof of place to live. Proof of income. Proof of Health Insurance. Copy of EVERY page of your passport, blank or otherwise. If its your first one, you won’t have any residency documents to include. 

Third: Fill out the paperwork. One for each member of the family. Use the guides to fill them out properly

Fourth: Take it back to the post office. They will collect money and give you receipts and a sheet with your appointment at the Questura (Police Station)

Five: Go to the Questura on your appointment date. They will look everything over, and take your fingerprints. (It is a good idea of have acquired an Italian Phone number as a text will be sent when the Permesso comes back and is ready to collect. 

Six: Go get your Permesso and have a drink. 


Current Fees for Permesso di Soggiorno: 16 Euro Marco di Bollo Stamp (avail from most Tabacchiera. 30 Euro for the postage fees. 70.46 Euro for a one year and 80.46 Euro for a two year. (it is broken down to 40 or 50 for the Permesso and 30.46 for the processing) You want the two year, but some areas are only giving one year ones. Currently the processing time is at least four months and up to eight or nine. j

Special Note: When filling out the Bolletino for your package, the amount you will want to put in is the Permesso Fee (40 or 50) PLUS the 30.46 fee or 70.46/80.46. Then your name and address on all three parts. Eseguito Da is Submitted By.   [And of course you will pay 16 for the Marco di Bollo stamp and 30 to the post office for mailing]


<—–Bolletino example


Two resources for filling out the Permesso Documents.

  1. I have a pdf document here on site that shows, with filled out examples how to fill it out. Guide to Completing the Permesso di Soggiorno Application Kit – Moduli 1 and 2 and 
  3. A link to a blog writer in Rome. He’s been through it all, and the resources are quite good. You will need to subscribe to the newsletter to get the download link to the guide, but its worth it. This really is the best step by step guide to filling out the forms. I have also included a couple links to resources that show you filled out forms that some schools put up to assist students. Most of it applies.
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