Permesso di Siggiorno Pt4

We finally have our Permesso! And on top of that it is a two year Permesso instead of a one year. We never did receive the text message we were supposed to receive indicating they were ready. We kept checking the immigration site (indicated in Pt3). I finally called the Questura in Vasto and someone said they were ready? So down we went to collect them. It is a small Questura, only two people work the section for foreigners, and upon arrival the woman says that they are not there, but instead are in Chieti and to come back tomorrow as they will have them sent over. There was also a Canadian couple we met in the waiting room at the Questura, and they went in to collect their documents as we prepared to leave. Just as we are going out the door, the second woman who works in the section pops out and says to wait! They found them! Turns out that when they were getting the documents for the Canadian couple they came across ours. We did not press for details, but have a feeling that our Permesso cards got misfiled, and that is why we never got the text.The card itself is a plastic card, much like an credit card. It looks just like the featured image which is one I grabbed off the internet at random.So, the moral of the story is, check the immigration site, and if you see the approval there and don’t get a text to collect them after a couple weeks, make a phone call. 


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