Rocca Calascio

While you may not have heard of Calascio, you have very likely seen its famous Castle (Rocca Calascio) many times in movies. Probably most famous is its appearance in the movie Ladyhawk, and more recently in the Name of the Rose, and of course many many promotional videos encouraging you to visit Italy.

Click the image above to open a web site with some amazing drone videos of the castle.


Getting up to the castle will involve some walking. Unlike American historical places, you will not be able to drive up to within a hundred yards and find a parking lot. In fact, there is not a parking lot at all. 

You will first drive to Calscio, winding ever upward on the mountain switchback with stunning vistas all along the way.

When you arrive at Calascio you will want to think about parking when you get to this point where the road branches off to Castel del Monte. From the view on the link, the road that is going up (There are some barricades in the picture) is the one you want to take. 

The dropped pin shows you at the intersection shown in the link in the If You Go tab. Depending on what time of year, and what day of the week, it is possible to drive up the road going up. There are a couple of small parking spots further up. Just for about six or seven cars, but being Italy, people often park wherever.   BUT! It is very narrow, and as it is highly likely you will not find a place to park, turning around is very difficult. If it is a weekend, or you see cars already parked down below, don’t even think about going up. 

From the bottom, beginning at the pin, you will climb steadily for about a kilometer before you reach the castle. It is doable, we even saw people pushing  baby strollers.  

At the top, you have the freedom to wander the complex as long as you want. There are no fees.

If you are interested in a tour, there is an interesting one offered by Majellando it involves a night hike up to the castle with a possibility of a late dinner on the return, 


Calascio itself is a typical small village. It hugs the hillside and has just a couple very very narrow streets going through. There are a few small restaurants in and near.  

It is worth taking a stroll through this ancient town, (Click the walk though button to open a Google Street View window) and if you do, you will find a surprising little museum dedicated to the ancient art of jewelry making in Abruzzo. (The Street View beginning view looks up to where the museum and shop are.) Gold and silver jewelry are traditional crafts in Abruzzo, and the owner of the museum makes pieces to sell. He has an amazing collection of old tools and is happy to show you how they were used. He allowed me to take a video of a piece he was  working on.    

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