One of the first things you will be needing to do after you arrive is prepare and submit all the documents to get your Permesso di. Siggorno. I’m sure you heard about it a great deal, and saw lots of stories about how much people dread it. Honestly, it is not all that terrible. A bit daunting as its new territory, but mostly just a matter of having the right supporting documents and the forms filled out right. 

First: You get the package from the Post Office. Usually only larger post offices have them. Simply ask for the Permesso di Siggorno package. It will be a yellow and white envelope. Get one for each member of the family 

Second: Gather your documents. Most of it is the same as your Visa application. Proof of place to live. Proof of income. Proof of Health Insurance. Copy of EVERY page of your passport, blank or otherwise. If this is your first Permesso, you won’t have any residency documents to include. (Carta di Residenza)

Third: Fill out the paperwork. One for each member of the family. Use the guides to fill them out properly

Fourth: Take it back to the post office. They will collect money and give you receipts and a sheet with your appointment at the Questura (The department of Immigration is usually at a police station)

Five: Go to the Questura on your appointment date. They will look everything over, and take your fingerprints. You will need two small passport sized photos.  (It is a good idea to have acquired an Italian Phone number as a text will be sent when the Permesso comes back and is ready to collect. 

Six: Go get your Permesso and have a drink. 

Click to open in Lightbox. You can download and print.

Check to see if your Permesso is ready. The input field is Password from your receipt

Two resources for filling out the Permesso Documents.

  1. I have a pdf document here on site that shows, with filled out examples how to fill it out. Guide to Completing the Permesso di Soggiorno Application Kit – Moduli 1 and 2 and
  2. A link to a blog writer in Rome. He’s been through it all, and the resources are quite good. You will need to subscribe to the newsletter to get the download link to the guide, but its worth it. This is an excellent guide with explanations of the fields. 
Bollo Instructions
This is what the Bollotino looks like. You will find it in your Permesso Kit. Click on the image to see an example of how it looks filled out.

With the Decree of 5 May 2017 of the Ministry of Economy and Finance in consultation with the Ministry of the Interior, which entered into force on 9 June 2017, the contributions for the issue or renewal of the residence permit were redetermined.

The new amounts of contributions payable by foreigners of age are equal to:

– € 40.00 for residence permits lasting longer than three months and up to one year;

– € 50.00 for residence permits of longer than one year and up to two years;

– € 100.00 for long-term EU residence permits and for residence permits for managers and specialized workers.

The receipt of payment for the new contribution must be shown at the time of the call to the Questura for the acquisition of the fingerprints.

The contribution is due both for new requests for the issue or renewal of the residence permit, and for requests submitted before the date of June 9, 2017 that are still in the preliminary phase or the delivery of the permit to the foreigner has not yet taken place.

Excluded from contributions residence permits for:

minors under the age of 18, foreign citizens who are in Italy for medical treatment and their companions, applicants for a duplicate or conversion of a valid residence permit, applicants for asylum, subsidiary protection and humanitarian reasons, holders of international protection requiring long-term EU residence permits, residence cards for family members of EU citizens issued pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 30 of 2007.

In all cases, however, the following costs remain to apply for the issue or renewal of the residence permit, including EU residence permits for long-term residents

€ 30.00 for the insured to Poste Italiane;
€ 16.00 for the revenue stamp;
30.46 euro for the residence permit – PSE 380, as a contribution for the printing of the electronic document, to be paid to the postal current account n. 67422402 payable to the Ministry of Economy and Finance – Department of the Treasury with the reason “amount for the issue of the electronic residence permit”;
If the release or renewal of the residence permit is requested, using a single Poste Italiane kit for the same family, the payment receipt of € 30.46 must be attached for each member of the family.