Permesso di Soggiorno – The Summary

We have just submitted out third renewal package for Permesso di Soggiorno. You would think that by now it would be totally routine, but I made a couple errors. First, I made a mistake on the Bollettini form and put in the wrong amount. The people at the post office did not suggest it was incorrect. (They usually won’t. It’s up to you and if its wrong, well then thats tough noogies.) I was however able to correct it by going back to the post office and, was able to make clear I paid too little. They conferred for a minute and ended up taking the balance owned and having me fill out a second Bollettini form with the additional amount. The Questura did not give me any grief about having two receipts so….yaaaay.

Second, I did not put in my middle name on the Modello or the Postal Receipt. The lady at the Questura gave me grief over that. It was a minor oversight since she just gave me a little scolding and put it on the form and stamped it several times. So, we are submitted. We will see how long they take this time.

Summary of the process beginning to end.

  • 1. Get the packet from the Post Office.
  • 2. Collect your documents for your submittal – Copy of all pages of your passport. Copy of documents showing you have a place to live. Copy of document showing you have money (Most recent year Social Security benefits, Pension, Recent Bank Statement. Copy of documents showing you have health insurance. (If it is not your first rodeonot, then this will just be your Italian Health Card). Copy of your current Permesso.)
  • 3. Carefully fill out the Modello 1 using one of the guides I have listed on prior posts. (Be sure the name exactly matches how it is on your Passport!)
  • 4. Carefully fill out the Bollettini form. Double check name, address and amounts.
  • 5. Make a copy of the whole package. I scan mine and have it stashed on Google Drive as a PDF
  • 6. On your way to the Post Office, stop and get Bollo Stamp (16 eu) if you have not already.
  • 7. If you do not have an Italian bank card, consider having your payment amounts in cash just in case… Your payments to the Post Office will be one for the postage (30eu) and another for the Permesso and Permesso processing fee (currently 80.46eu for 2 year).
  • Post office will give you the receipt and another printed sheet with your appointment day and time at the Questura. It will also have the address of the Questura.
  • 8. If you have not been there before, consider scoping it out early to know exactly where and where you can park.
  • Consider going early. Some of the Questura are chaotic. In Vasto someone would just stick their head out and say 10AM?, and a crowd would all start rushing to insist they were next. If this happens, have your appointment sheet held up and say loudly and firmly..10AM Si!!! In Lanciano, some days are appointment only and they checked our appointment sheet at the door before they even let us in to the waiting room.
  • 9. When your turn comes, you will either be at a desk or at a window. Typically you won’t say anything. The official will page through, tap on a computer, make a few frowny faces.
  • You will know everything is acceptable when they ask for your passport photos. Little passport sized photos. Two of them. Most malls have a photo booth outside that do these.
  • 10. Then you will do fingerprints on a little scanner
  • 11. Lastly, they will give you back your little receipt with the Password and User ID on. DO NOT LOSE THIS!!! Put it on the fridge with magnets or something. Before you leave, look around and see if there is a sign saying that collection of Permesso is ONLY on specific days and hours. Maybe even write this down in Italian on a piece of paper to ask right after the official says. “A posto” (We are done)
  • 12. Eventually (our first took three months and our second eight months) you should receive a text saying your Permesso is ready. Take your receipt and go back to the Questura.

This is the very very very important receipt for Permesso. Check to see if your Permesso is ready. The Password is what you put in the input field. Leave out the “-” but do all the numbers.3. 


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