How to Schedule an Italian A2 Exam

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If you want to change your short term Permesso di Soggiorno into a long term Carta di Soggiorno, you will need to get pass an A2 exam  indicating that you have achieved a basic level in the Italian language. A2 is Advanced Beginner. It is to demonstrate that you can successfully interact in normal day to day activities. NOTE: If you take one of the online placement tests to rate yourself they are typically just a grammar test. The A2 exam is typically more informal. (see below

The B2 Test for Citizenship is more in depth and will test you on: Listening Comprehension. Reading Comprehension. Writing Level and Oral Presentation. You will need to know your grammar because you will need to write and speak in a competent manner, but it is not the only testing criteria. 

Only the following 4 institutions recognised by the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Education may issue the B2 certificate:
–    The University for Foreigners of Siena issues the CILS, Certificate of Italian as a Foreign Language
–    The University for Foreigners of Perugia issues the CELI, Certificate for the Italian Language
–    The University of Rome 3 issues 4 certificates, A2 base.IT, B1 ele.IT, B2 int.IT, C2 –IT
–    The Dante Alighieri Society issues the PLIDA, Dante Alighieri Italian Language Project.

There are many local testing centers scattered through Italy. Typically they are in the larger cities. The costs you would expect will be 30 to 40 Euro for the exam. 


No, you do not need to take a course. You can study on your own or however works for you. One thing to remember is that there are a number of language schools  that will give you a certificate saying you completed a course. This is not an A2 certificate. The courses are well worth taking, just be aware that you will still need to take the official exam. Many municipalities offer courses for foreigners. Typically they will set up their schedules so that the course will end just before one of the exam dates and they will help you get scheduled to take the exam at a local testing center.


You can go to school that will offer a course and is also authorized to administer the exam. Most of the municipalities that offer language classes for foreigners will also help you schedule the exam. You can also go to a local Patronato who will help you sign up for the exam. You can also schedule it yourself. See below for the step by step instructions on how to do this. 


The exam is typically given quarterly. The schools schedule a course that is designed to lead into the exam.

How to Schedule the Exam Yourself

It is not hard to schedule the exam yourself. It is a little confusing, but follow the steps and you will get through it with little trouble. 

There are some things you will need before you can sign up to schedule the exam online. 

You can also go to a Patronato to help you sign up for the test. As I have not gone this route, I do not know whether you need a SPID or PEC if you go that route. A Patronato is an agency that helps people sign up for stuff like pensions, disability, immigration and such. 


The Start Page

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Select the SPORTELLO UNICO IMMIGRAZIONE window. Then from the DROP DOWN on the menu bar select COMPILA DOMANDE

This will take you to a page that looks like…..  ————>>>>

From here you will select the TEST ITALIANO and that will take you to a page with another DROP down asking what kind of test. It should say TI – Richesta di Ammasione al Test di…………. Click on that, 

Step Two

Now is where you will start putting in information. You will need your Permesso di Soggiorno and your Passport for numbers for some of the fields. This first screen won’t have any fields. Click the SEZIONE SUCCESSIVA button and the progress bar should run up to about 33 percent and the next screen will have fields to enter data in. Some will be prefilled because you accessed with your SPID so it knew some. 

After you fill out all the boxes click the SEZIONE SUCCESSIVA button again. If it runs and stops again at the 33 precent, that means you did not fill out every box. Check for blanks. The only ones that can be blank will be from drop downs that are not active. Click again, and it should process to about 66 and the second circle on the left should be blue. 

The next screen is more data entry, and is your contact information. Click SEZIONE SUCCESSIVEA and if you got all the boxes filled that needed filling, you will see that the INVIA button is finally activated. And that all three circles on the left are Blue. 

Step Three

After clicking INVIA your application should be sent in and you will be at this screen which will show your application and the identification number assigned to it. Be sure to check your PEC Email often for information on your exam date and location, or check back on this site where, once you log in with your SPID, you can access the application. This will also be where you can get copies of your certificate after you pass the test. (((NOTE: I did not receive an email of my testing date. BE SURE TO SIGN IN AND CHECK. IT SHOULD ONLY TAKE A FEW DAYS. SELECT “RICERCA DOMANDA” LOOK FOR A DROP DOWN BOX AND SELECT “TUTTI” AND YOU SHOULD SEE YOUR SUBMISSION. AND IF IT IS READY, ONE OF THE ICONS WILL BE THE DOWNLOAD OF THE PDF SCHEDULING LETTER. )))))

Application Submitted

Your Personal Area

The A2 test is a lot less formal than the more advanced ones. At least these ones set up for application for Carta di Soggiorno. (Honestly there is no other real use for an A2 certification that I have ever found.) You show up at the appointed place at the appointed time. You sign in and wait your turn to to into the room where the exam is. There were three people in the room. Two behind a table and one sitting in the area where I was. I’m told this third person is just a quality control type person for the examiners. There was no writing, no grammar. It began with general small talk. Where are you from, tell me a little about your old life.  It will vary person to person, but it will be some opening intro small talk and it will be tailored in such a way that you won’t be able to just run with a pre prepared speech . Then they read a couple of short sentences and asked me to say what it meant. Then we did a short role play. Mine was speaking with someone about renting an apartment. The examiner is looking to see if you give relevant responses to questions, and ask relevant questions in return. Fifteen minutes later and they said. Ok, done. If for some reason you don’t understand the question, don’t panic. Ask for clarification. 

It will take about two weeks to see results. They will not send you anything. You will have to go back to your Sportello place (all described above) and click the Tutti from the dropdown. Your name and Control number should be shown. Click the magnifying glass. If your results are ready, a little popup will appear and show your results. Simple pass or fail.