frasassi 5

We have always loved visiting cave complexes. There is something about this mysterious underground world that fascinates. The Italian mountains are honeycombed with some extraordinary grottos and there are many famous small ones used by Monks as a hermitage.  The Frasassi complex is the most extensive and interesting we have seen so far. A dark cathedral carved by water over thousands of years with. There are some enormous rooms inside, and they have lit them to great effect to showcase the incredible pillars growing upwards and stalactites downwards. In some places they have met to form giant columns.  

You will want to get tickets in advance. They take groups in about 20 or so people at a time. Most of the tours are in Italian, but they have a few in English as well. Don’t worry too much about the language. It is pretty easy to get the general idea what the guide is talking about. One final enticement. This is a great place to escape summer heat as the inside of the caves are a constant 50 degrees. Consider taking a sweater or light jacket if you are dressed in light summer clothes. 

How to get there.

Clicking the icon on the map will open google maps with directions in a new tab or window.