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How To Create a Disaster Plan

Unfortunately, stuff happens. At some point you might lose your important documents. Knowing the steps to take, and what you should do in advance is the key to recovering successfully. 

Pre Planning

Take photos or scans of your important documents and cards and store them in a secure place on cloud storage. This will make it much much easier to put together a package to take to the authorities if the time comes.  Second, get an air tag for your purse, bag, wallet, ect. It is more likely you will have dropped or left them somewhere as opposed to having them stolen. 


First, contact the number or go online to block your credit cards. Second, take your document copies to the local Carabinieri and ask to file a Denuncia. A Denuncia is the word for filing an official complaint or report. My local office was very helpful and prepared for me the documents to take to each office to replace my documents.  They will not replace you documents without doing this first. If you have lots a foreign credit card, you don’t really need to file a denuncia for it as you typically just contact your company and cancel the care and have a replacement sent. So, to be clear, the Denuncia is generally just something you need to do for Italian source documents. (If you have had things stolen from you, you could file a denuncia for everything as this would be the police report you may need for insurance purposes)

Getting Your Replacements

Take your Denuncia forms and backup documents to the appropriate offices. The Comune for your Carda d’Identita replacement, the ACI (Automobile Club Italia) for your Drivers License replacement, Agencia d’Entrate for your Tessera Sanitaria replacement and Bank for Bankomat and or Credit card replacement. (Carta di Soggiorno would be Questura but in most cases this would not be something you carry around day to day. HOWEVER – It did turn out I misplaced mine and you need to turn in your old one when you pick up a renewal, and they would not give me mine unless I presented a denuncia document certifying it was lost.)