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Venato December 2018

Our good friend Ralph lives and works in Vicenza and we love to visit him a couple times a year. So much to see and

A Vatican Tour

Going to Rome is a fairly easy trip for us. We catch a bus in Vasto for a three and a half hour ride to

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behind the scenes


Rocca Calascio While you may not have heard of Calascio, you have very likely seen its famous Castle (Rocca Calascio) many times in movies. Probably


  Ratafia, secondo l’etimologia popolare più diffusa, deve il nome all’espressione latina medievale “Ut Rata Fiat” usata dai notai per sancire la conclusione di un

Milk (latte)

You do not buy milk by the gallon in Italy. You buy it in liters. It is also not typically kept refrigerated. They use a


Pepperoni do’s and don’ts. Pepperoni in Italy is not what Americans think it is.           If you order a Pepperoni Pizza


[image: Acacia.jpg] Springtime and early summer in Italy are the greenest times of year. The air everywhere is filled with the scent of flowering Acacia

Olive Harvest

Raccogliere – To collect or harvest Country living in Abruzzo means the rhythm of life is heavily influenced by the grape and olive harvests. The