Day Trips

Short trips you can complete in one day



Loreto is an absolutely lovely small town just in from the coast that exists because of the famous Basilica. It takes just a couple hours to walk the city center, which includes shopping in local stores and the required stop at a cafe for a coffee or spritz.    (The following information is courtesy of, …

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For tourists and visitors, Cattolica is at its best from spring right through to October, reaching a peak in the summer when the hospitality industry is working at full capacity. However, there are numerous hotels and restaurants open all year round.   This is an elegant town; a fact that can be seen by taking …

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Le Marche

Le Marche Le Marche is the region just to the north of Abruzzo. Like Abruzzo, the terrain is rolling green hills hiding caves and waterfalls, valleys full of vineyards, busy beach front lido’s and grand hilltop castles. These can all be done individually as day trips, or one could spend a long weekend and go …

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