Using The Italian Healthcare System

The Italian healthcare system can be rather difficult to navigate. Lacking that lifetime of experience it is difficult to know where to find things, how and what  to ask for and then where to go and when to go. 

Here we have tried to put together a complete set of downloadable resources, links to online resources and real life walkthroughs of parts of the process we have personally gone though. 

Health System Blog Posts

Documents and Registrations

Private Health Care

 Taking the Private Route There are a couple variations to taking the private route. One is with clinics that are in affiliation with the National

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Documents and Registrations

Registering for Health Care

Health Services Charter in English-PDF Searching for where to enroll in the Italian Health System and choose your doctors…. The secret word is Distretto. Google

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Links to Online Resources and how to use them.

Regional Sanitaria

Sanità Online. You can do a great deal online now. You can choose/change doctor see your personal data, reprint your health card. This specific link is for Abruzzo, bit it should be clear how to change and go to your Region in the Address Bar. --- Note there are two ways shown to access the system. I use the SPID, which is something you really should get anyway. It works well as the access screen pops up a QR code and you just scan that with your SPID phone app.

Lanciano ASL

The ASL is the central point for registering for health care in the Italian system. Anyone who is not a citizen or EU national who wants to participate in the health system needs to do Voluntary Registration. It will take a couple trips as you will have to fill out whatever documents they want for Income Verification, then go the Post Office and pay it, and then go back to the ASL with the receipt to get your cards. The link here is for Lanciano area but you would just Google "Distretto" and put in your Comune and you should get directed to the right place. Things are done by appointment now so you may be able to make one online, or you may need to call.

Links to Downloadable Resources

PDF file - Access to the Italian Health System for Foreigners.
Health Services Charter for Abruzzo A little old, but it the info still seems to be valid. I'm sure they exist for all the other regions, just Google "Health Services Charter (insert region here)"
These are the forms to fill out for your Covid Vaccination