Links to resources to help you learn it, find it and visit it.

Language Resouces

Language resources, courses, free worksheets and lessons.

This is the home of some excellent resources. Easy Italian News is a weekly update sent to your inbox with the news in….easy Italian. They also have a large selection of Easy Readers in all levels. From A1 just starting out to the Advanced C1 and C2 levels. The readers are in Epub or PDF format. 

Italian Verbs by Marcel Danesi. Look for it on Amazon. About $12 on US Amazon, but for some reason about 30EU in Italy. This book starts at the very beginning and goes to some fairly advanced grammar by the end. It has lots of excellent worksheets, and learning games. Clear and concise chapters. 

Government Resources

Access your Health Records  

If you’re registered with Italy’s national health service, the SSN, you can consult your own records online via what the government calls a fascicolo sanitario elettronico or ‘electronic health record’. You’ll find the details of care you received at both public and private facilities, if they’re connected with the regional health system.

How do I access my Electronic Health Record?

You can access by having the Health Card-CNS already activated and a smart card reader or SPID credentials, at the address:

If you have not already done so, you can activate your TS-CNS at one of the counters in charge at the ASL Offices you belong to, in this way you will be given a pin code matched to your TS-CNS card that you will have to use when accessing the FSE.


We assume you already have SPID credentials:

  1. Connect to the address, log in by clicking on the appropriate box that identifies the SPID credentials;
  2. Enter your credentials and give CONSENT to the consultation by clicking on the appropriate link on the left;
  3. Now your ESF will be accessible for consultation to all NHS/SSR operators who will take care of you.


Access your Regional ASL  

If you’re registered with Italy’s national health service, the SSN you can check your enrollment details, print a new health card and even see which doctors are taking new patients. The Link above is for Abruzzo, you need to replace that with your own region. You will also need an SPID to access. 

Italy’s ‘Public Digital Identity System’ or Sistema Pubblico di Identità Digitale (SPID for short) is the digital equivalent of a passport: a personal, verified ID that you can use to identify yourself when doing anything official online


The below is all good details, but if you just want the down and dirty way to get your SPID and are ok with using the Poste as your register, then just follow this    SPID   Basically you are just going to fill out the form and take it with you to the Post Office along with your Identity Card and Italian Health Card.  

Italys Official SPID Website

The first step is to choose a provider, since the SPID isn’t managed by the Italian government but provided by accredited private companies.

What documents do you need?

You’ll need a few basics:

  • an email address;
  • a mobile phone number;
  • a valid identity document (e.g. ID card, passport, driving license)
  • either a tessera sanitaria (health card) or a codice fiscale card.

The final document is required to provide proof of your codice fiscale. According to the the Agency for Digital Italy (AgID), which is responsible for managing the electronic ID system, if you live in Italy you’ll need to show a tessera sanitaria, which logs your codice fiscale, while if you’re an Italian citizen applying from overseas you can just show your codice fiscale card itself.

How do you use your SPID?

Find a full list of public administration services accessible with a SPID here.

On their websites you’ll find the option ‘Entra con SPID‘ (‘login with SPID’), which will prompt you to enter your credentials.

Depending on the service and how much security is required, you may also be asked for a randomly generated code either sent to your phone or generated by an authenticator app, or prompted to put your CIE in a card reader and enter its PIN.

There are currently nine approved providers, including the Poste Italiane: find a full list here.

It’s basically an email account that you have to show official ID to set up. Messages you send from it are certified with a date and time stamp to show when you sent it and when it was received, and they have the same legal value as a physical lettera raccomandata (registered letter).  From time to time you may run into government offices that will required official communications via this method. 

You can get your own PEC address – for a monthly or yearly fee – from one of the official providers listed here.

Register on the Revenue Agency’s website and you should be able to calculate, declare, pay, check and claim back your taxes online. You can use a SPID or CIE to log in.

Find a full list of online services available here. If what you need isn’t available, you can book an appointment to speak to your nearest tax office in person.

If you’re an employee in Italy and file a pre-filled income tax return (Form 730), you can also access a dedicated portal here

Car owners can find out how much regional or provincial vehicle tax (bollo auto) they owe using this online tool from Italian drivers’ association ACI. 

Most drivers can pay it online too, though the service isn’t yet available in every region: register on ACI’s website to get started.

ACI also offers a number of other online options to check records, order certificates and calculate costs that are useful if you’re buying or selling a car, or driving for work: find a full list here.

ACI also has a app for both Iphone and Android. 

If you don’t want to mess around with any apps, you can pay your Bollo at a Tabacchi. You will see the word BOLLO on their sign. 

Tax Guide

This guide is fairly complete and should cover most basic questions 

The Italian 7% tax program on Pension Income. 

This program is going to appeal to many expats who want to settle in the more rural southern regions. 

We found it hard to find the forms for Covid Vaccination. It makes sense to fill out a good deal in advance rather than while waiting in line. Covid Vaccination Form

Italian Drivers License Types and Rules (Including rules and limitations for New Drivers

Rental Agreements

What you need to know about renting in Italy

What is IMU and how do you calculate it?  

IMU is the annual property tax for non resident (and second home) property owners. 

SPID will eventually be replaced by the Electronic Identity Card.  You can use it to verify your identity online and access many services. 

Culture and Travel Resources

The Local IT  is an incredible English Language resource for Italian life and culture. It is subscription site that allows you a handful of free articles every month, but its worth  paying the very reasonable amount for a subscription. They are typically one of the first with important updates, especially important during the pandemic.