Rental Car

You cannot register a car in Italy until you have acquired your residency cards. So, until such time, unless you are living where you have easy access to transit, you might need to consider leasing one.

One of the best ways is the long term leasing programs that are offered on French cars. Peugeot, Renault and Citroen are the top three I ran across. Here is how it works.

You get a new car, for up to six months. The car is fully insured with no deductible. Reviews have verified that if you bring it back dinged, no problem. for Peugeot for Citroen for Renault

This program is not available to EU citizens.

The prices quoted for each are comparable. My quote was for a Peugeot 208 Diesel for 5 months for $3500 USD. Initially you might think that is very high, but when you consider that it includes full insurance with zero deductible, its not that bad. I have not yet explored insurance for myself, but I’m told auto insurance in Italy is higher than what Americans might be used to.

Why do they do this? There is a lengthy explanation on the web sites, but it has to do with a French law that gives tax breaks. You can drive your car all around Europe if you want, and you get unlimited miles.