February is Carnivale month in Italy. The elaborate festival in Venice is perhaps the one best known, but the fun trickles down to nearly every village in Italy. We went to the village of Tornareccio, about half and hours drive from our village.

The main celebration is a parade with floats down the main street. The floats are well done and every imaginative. Surrounding villages sponsor individual floats and clearly a great deal of thought and work has gone into them. The link below will pop open my flicker album.

The weather was great this day, light jacket weather, which is fairly typical in the hill towns in Abruzzo in February. Kids were running around in costume spraying whipped cream and tossing confetti. At the end of the parade, everyone along lining the route would join the parade from the end of the line. If you were at the front, you had time to pop into a bar along the route for a coffee or drink, and then join back up with the happy marching crowd as they paraded through the town.

We were with a group of British Expats we have met here, and after the festivities we went back to their house for an afternoon of sports that was quite different than the average afternoon back in the States. Instead of beer and nachos, we watched the England vs Italy Rugby match, had tea, cakes and cucumber sandwiches. England won handily despite a spirited first half effort from the Italian side.

Before we moved here, friends had asked us. “What will you do in Italy?” Well, so far boredom has not been a factor. First off, we have an old Italian house, and we will never run out of things to do on the house. Market days, meet friends for coffee, lunches…….ahhhhhh Italian lunches. Two hours, fixed price two course lunches where the wine pitchers are refilled like American coffee cups. Nothing fancy. First course pasta, goes without saying. Two or three choices, and the second course, either meat or fish. Fresh grated parmesan cheese and peperoncini sauce is always on the table, And or course, at the end, a coffee. It is quite easy to get used to this kind of lifestyle.