Casalanguida addesso come Wisconsin


Casalanaguida is now like Wisconsin,

I received this text from my friend Franco who has been invaluable in helping us get settled He sent this to me after a two day blizzard. Over a foot of snow fell and the terraces are full. (Opened the door on the upstairs one and it was packed against the door up to my waist. I quickly closed the door before it decided to fall into the room.)

Wait! I thought we left Wisconsin so we would not have brutal winters! 🙂 Apparently once every few years we get a big storm. Everything shuts down. Kind of has to because these are mostly hill towns. The roads are narrow and very steep in places . We have our new pellet stove to keep us warm. (Ooops, spoke too soon. There was a lengthy power outage. Might need to think about an emergency backup power source.)


The car is under that pile of snow somewhere……..Yaaaay, three hours work, and fortunately we were not moving the wrong snow pile. They came through today. (second day after storm end) with a bobcat and plowed us a narrow road.  Got the chains on the tires, and tried to get out but the street just gets too steep. Was going to take the car up to the parking lot up on the main road. Note to self, whenever snow is forecast, I should haul the car up there pronto! Heck, I should just park there all the time, its only a five minute walk and I can use the exercise.