Alba Fucens. An archeological marvel in the heart of Abruzzo
Alba Fucens. An archeological marvel in the heart of Abruzzo
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About Alba Fucens

Settled by the Romans from around 304 BC, Alba Fucans was a city/outpost sitting in the province of L’Aquila about halfway between Rome and Pescara. It was a typical Roman town, set in the orderly grid system, and had a population of perhaps 20,000 people. The ruins are remarkably preserved, and so far, only about 10 percent has been uncovered. Entrance is free, and you can walk freely in the park. Usually there are active archeological excavations going on and you can watch them work if you wish. Alba Fucens was a typical Roman town with baths, shops, houses for various classes of people and a very well preserved amphitheater. Make sure you test the acoustics if you go.

Also nearby is a small church dedicated to St. Peter which was built on and from the original temple of Apollo. If you have a guide, you may be able to go inside.

There is an official information point in Alba where they have an amazing diorama of the excavation. If you are lucky you may find Romolo there and for a small fee, (he took four of us for fifty euro.) he will give you a guided tour of the ruins. He speaks English fairly well and is always happy to have an opportunity to practice and improve.

Here is a link to the Wiki entry for Alba Fucens with an excellent overview.