Getting Your SPID – Quick Start

You will want to download two things first. The POSTE APP and the POSTEID App. They are two different apps. You can all do the things online with a browser, but it is easier with the Apps. Especially later when you actually need to confirm access to some other stuff with SPID which you will exclusively use the PosteID app for.

You will first see this page below. You will begin your Registration for SPID with PosteIT by filling this out

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Sex (From Drop Down)
  4. Date of Birth (in the European DD/MM/YYYY Format)
  5. Your Nationality (From Dropdown)
  6. Province of Nationality (For Americans, State from Dropdown)
  7. Lugo di Nascita is your City of birth.
  8. Your Coda Fiscale

Click the Proceed button and you will advance to the next form.

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The next form (Example below is my printout of what it looks like after filling it out). It is a simple web form and just fill in the blanks. The only tricky one is the Address. The first is just for the type of street. Most often this is Via. Then the next box is the actual name of the street and your house number.

You will get to the bottom of the form at it will have a place to submit documents. Since you are also going to have to take these same documents to the Post Office for confirmation, it is easiest to just check the box that says you are not able to scan documents. They will do the scanning for you at the post office. It is the easiest way, they have printer/scanners at their desk and it only took them a few seconds.

The default SPID types will be checked (SPID 1 and SPID 2). Leve them. Click the checkboxes for confirmation of acceptance of conditions and it is a good idea to click SI for all the data options.

(At some point you have to create a UserID and Password. I cannot remember if it was before filling out the form below or after. That is where the final checkbox come in which, translated says. “The applicant has confirmed the above by.)

You will get a submission acceptance confirmation and you will get an Email also confirming the submission and the Email will tell you to go to a Post Office with the documents you have listed on the form. (You will not receive a copy of the form or have an opportunity to print it. All you need to know that they have received it.)

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Completing the Process

Currently, it seems you need to make an appointment to go to the post office to complete your SPID application. Basically, you are just going to take your ID document and go to the post office where they will scan them.

HOW TO DO THIS – Use the Poste app or The Post Office Web Site. You put your five number CAP into the search field, select the Post Office you want to use from the Map, and PRENOTA (reserve) will be seen as an option. Follow allow and select your desired date and time. You will go to a confirmation screen with one of the QR scan icons on it and you will also receive that to your messages on your phone. I just did a screen print from the web. Take that to the Post Office. The ticket machines now have a scanner to scan that QR code. Take the ticket and wait for your number.

When you get to the window just tell them you are there for confirmation of SPID, and they will scan your documents. They will tell you you will receive an SMS with your official SPID password. It will be an All Caps password that you will be prompted to put in the first time you fire up your POSTEID app.