gradara 1

Gradara is another incredible castle in the area around Catollica. You enter under the great arch and  climb the brick paved streets lined with shops and resturants.  When you go into the shops, be sure to greet them. They are happy to show you what they have whether you are going to buy something or no. It’s the Italian way. Good chance you will find something you like however as they have a selection of local products, wines and aperitif.  Buy a bottle of a local speciality called Wihsila. It is made from red cherries allowed to soak in the prior years red wine that produces a a liquor with with a pleasant sour cherry flavor.  If you go down the side streets you will find restaurants for lunch that are not as crowded. We found one with a terrace that offered an amazing view. The official tourism website is HERE

How to get there.

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